How do I find Kortext eTextbooks?
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Kortext eTextbooks can be used in various ways - via your Reading List in Canvas, the University LibrarySearch catalogue, the Kortext website and the Kortext app.

If you want to use the Kortext website and/or app, you must first open the book(s) you want to read via a Library link. This ensures you create the necessary link between the titles the Library provides access to and Kortext.

Your module Reading List in Canvas

Items tagged as Essential Reading will have been linked to Kortext where possible - click on the 'View online' link and IF a Kortext version is available you will be connected to the book on the Kortext website * . For more information about finding and using your reading lists please see the linked FAQs.

image of book in a reading list with view online link

* Please note: not ALL Essential Reading textbooks will be accessible through Kortext. Where titles are unavailable, the Library will try to provide alternative eBook access or print copies. If you have any questions about book availability please contact the Library.

The LibrarySearch catalogue

All titles available for all modules will have links to the Kortext version (where one is available) in the book record on the catalogue. You do not have to be enrolled on the module to read them. Search for book titles and click the 'Available Online' link on the catalogue result or click the title to open the full record to check for a "Kortext" link in the list of providers. There may be more than one provider to choose from. For more information about using the LibrarySearch catalogue please see the linked FAQs.

image of library record for a book showing kortext as a provider

The Kortext App

You can download the app from your usual app store. With iOS, Android and Windows 10 only the book titles you have already opened in web Kortext via your Reading List or the LibrarySearch catalogue will appear - it's not possible to search for new titles within the app. 

For more information about using the app please see the linked FAQs.