How do I use the Kortext app to download books?
Last Updated: 28.Feb.2024 Views: 744

If you would like to have access to the Library eTextbooks supplied by Kortext while you are offline, you can use their app to download them.

Please note the following important information:

The app is available from your usual app store for iOS, Android and Windows 10 - search for 'Kortext'.
If you are a Mac user, Kortext released an update on 31st August 2022 which enabled offline reading functionality. If you don't have this update you will only be able to read Kortext books online.
The app is not currently available for use on University PCs or Library laptops.
There is no "find" feature in the iOS, Android or Win 10 apps to look for new titles - you need to access a book via your Canvas reading list or the LibrarySearch catalogue first, before it can appear in the app. The "Store" option in Kortext allows you to pay for your own access to titles the University does not subscribe to, if you wish.


Follow these steps to open, then download a title:

1. In your Canvas reading list/LibrarySearch catalogue search result, click on the ‘View online’ link for the book title. This will take you to web Kortext and open the book.

book result on the library search catalogue or list of ebook providers for specific title, including Kortext  opens into  front cover of book in Kortext web

2. If you are prompted to login to the generic 'Sign in' page, use your University email address and IT password. You may be asked for your second factor code to complete the login.

3. This will create the necessary link between the University subscription, the book, and your Kortext account. Once the book is open on screen you can close the webpage if you want to.

4. Now open the Kortext app on your device.

5. Login if needed. Our FAQ 'How do I login to the Kortext app' has more details about this.

6. Once logged in, your books should appear. If you don't see your book(s) look for the option to 'Refresh bookshelf', or similar wording.

7. Your screen should refresh and you’ll see the book(s) you opened in web Kortext appear. They will have the book size indicated in MB.

9. Click on the book you want or the download arrow option on it, and it will download for offline reading. The image below shows the app for Win 10 as an example.

windows 10 app showing several books

Further help

  • For advice on using the app reader itself, please see the Kortext video linked below.
  • If you have any technical problems with the app, please contact Kortext support.
  • If you cannot see a book on Kortext you believe should be available via the University Library, please contact the Library.