Where can I find my reading list? (Students)
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Your full reading list is part of the Canvas course for each of the taught modules you are enrolled on. This is how you access it:

  1. Go into Canvas and look at your Dashboard.
  2. You should see a box for each of the 'Courses' that are linked to your account. There will usually be some generic ones about your Faculty.
  3. If you have completed your module enrolment on e:Vision - AND if your lecturers have published them - you will also see a Course for each module you are studying.
  4. These are indicated by specific module codes - they always consist of numbers and letters and are typically 6 characters long, e.g. 3HW003, 4CN035, 5AB032, 6HR006 or 7BU009. The image below shows the Dashboard view within web Canvas - if you are using the app it will look slightly different.

image of a canvas dashboard showing courses

  1. Open one of your module Courses.
  2. If you are in web Canvas, look at the menu towards the left-hand side for the Reading List link and click on it.
  • If you cannot see the course menu with links such as Home, Modules, Assignments, Reading List, etc. in it please click on the three lines at the top to show the 'courses navigation menu':

three line hide/show course navigation menu

  • If you are using the Canvas app you may need to scroll down the page to see the Reading List link to click.
  1. Once you have clicked on the Reading List link, the specific list for the module should then load within your Canvas page for you to use. The image below shows how it appears in web Canvas. In the app it will open as a separate page.

image of reading list showing two books

Can't see any modules?

  • Check on e:Vision to ensure you have completed all the tasks
  • Email your lecturer to check if the module has been published in Canvas

You can see the Reading List link, but it doesn't load or there is an error message?

If you have any questions, please Contact the Library.