The reading list in Canvas is not working, what do I do?
Last Updated: 09.Apr.2024 Views: 1238

Please note:

  • Reading lists can only be accessed by students who have enrolled on the module in e:Vision
  • Module Leaders have to publish the Canvas course, which may only happen near to the start of teaching

If you can open the Canvas course for the module and see the option for 'Reading List' - but cannot see the list itself - there could be several reasons:


  1. In web Canvas the list should open within your Canvas page, in the Canvas app the list should open in a separate window. If it does not open properly but there isn't a specific error message, try refreshing the page - F5 on windows, Command + R on mac.


  1. "Please speak to your Head of Department if there is no reading list visible..." message. This means the Reading List for your module has not been finalised and/or published yet. As it says, please contact your Head of Department about it. While you wait for it to become available, it may be possible to see recommended Books by searching for your module code (e.g. 6HR005) on the LibrarySearch catalogue. Please note that if the list is still being updated this information may not be up-to-date.

image of please speak to Head of Dept. error message


  1. "Unknown user ID" message. If you see this text, it means you do not have a Library account. If you only completed your enrolment today, the problem should resolve itself overnight. But if the error is persistent please contact the Library asap via Assist chat and we will be able to investigate the underlying cause. Please tell us the exact error message when you speak to us.


  1. A login box on a blue background, or error message 'bad request' / 'error 403'. This usually indicates an Internet browser problem. Please try refreshing your Canvas page - F5 on windows, Command + R on mac - log out and back in, or use a different browser. This error can happen even if you have previously been able to see the list. (Please note: if you do see the login box, you will not be able to login to it).

leganto login box

Other problems?

  • If you see the list itself, but cannot access any 'View online' items on it, please see the linked FAQs for information on how these links usually work and how to login to Library resources.
  • If you are trying to access an embedded link from a Canvas page or uploaded document that is not part of the official 'Reading List' menu, please contact the Library for help, or ask your Lecturer.